Clean Up, Clean Out &

In the aftermath of Hurricane Isaias, Bishop Ward encourages us to step forward to help our neighbors clean up, clean out, and rebuild. Click on the button to the right to view a video from Bishop Ward. Also, click on the button below, Disaster Ministries, to view more helpful information.

Responding to Hurricane Isaias and Florence Storm Damage in NC
Hurricane Isaias and Hurricane Florence: How Can I Help?

Many of our NC neighbors are recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Isaias and Hurricane Florence.

Here are some ways you can help:

• Give to NC Storm Response (#S-00176) – 100% of your gift goes to response/relief efforts for victims. Checks can be made out to your local church with a note designating NC Storm Response #S-00176 on the memo line OR mail a check to Conference Treasurer-Raleigh Area, P.O. Box 890202, Charlotte, NC 28289-0202 with NC Storm Response #S-00176 on the memo line. You can give online at nccumc.org.

When you live on or near a barrier island like Oak Island, it is always time to think about Hurricane Season!

Are you ready? Have you even thought about your Personal Hurricane Preparedness Plan? Now is the time to think about and talk with family members about your Hurricane Response Plan. When you hear the announcements of EVACUATION that is not the time to formulate a Hurricane Response Plan. Have you selected a place to Evacuate to? Do your family members know where this place is? How will you travel to this evacuation site? Many routes might be changed during an emergency, so you need to take into account these changes when planning your travel time. How will you know if everyone is accounted for and safe? What arrangements need to be made for your pet(s)? How will you secure your property? Do you have “cash” in hand for emergency purchases when the electricity is OFF? What arrangement have you made for required medicines? If you decide to stay: Do you have adequate supplies of water and food that does not require refrigeration? REMEMBER: Usually when a Mandatory evacuation of Oak Island is announced, the town turns OFF the water supply! REMEMBER: When one snowflake falls in Brunswick County, you can not find a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk within 100 miles of Southport. The same is also true of a pending hurricane. Within two days of landfall you cannot find a 2×4 or a sheet of plywood within 100 miles of Southport. Now is the time to prepare! Not while you are looking at the hurricane map on the evening news. Ocean View has a Disaster committee that is constantly making plans for various disasters. Ocean View will respond to a disaster here on Oak Island. However, the church might not have the resources to meet everyone’s personal needs. Ocean View can and will HELP, but you are primarily responsible for your own disaster response. REMEMBER: Prepare now and breathe easier when a hurricane approaches.

Storm Damage – If you have a leaking roof that needs tarping, or if you had flood water enter your house and it needs cleaning/mucking out, please call 888-440-9167 or send an email to NC Conference Disaster Response. If you’ve had such damage, and you’d like an Ocean View Emergency Response Team to come help you, please also call or text Pastor Rick at 910-547-1651 making sure to leave your name, phone number, address, and nature of damage. If you are interested in joining to help one of these work teams, call Pastor Rick.