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Safe Sanctuaries Policy

In covenant with all United Methodist congregations, we adopt this policy for the prevention of child abuse in our church.

Our congregation’s purpose for establishing the Safe Sanctuaries Policy and accompanying procedures is to demonstrate our absolute and unwavering commitment to the physical safety and spiritual growth of all our children and youth.

To read the entire outline and procedures of the policy click on the link button below.

“Run/Hide/Fight” Active Shooter – How to Respond

We all hope to never experience an “Active Shooter” situation, but in this day and time it seems to be more possible than ever. By watching the “Run/Hide/Fight” video at right, and using the “Active Shooter – How to Respond” booklet (link button below) you can be better prepared in case of a threat.

This video may be a little disturbing for some, so it is important to remember it is made for training and information purposes only and is not an actual event or based on any particular event.

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